Friday, April 04, 2008

I can remember my fascination for science fiction since early childhood. There was something about the genre in general that appealed to me in the same way a person becomes drawn to sports, arts, or some other hobby collecting.

This week on the Sci Fi Channel, the first 3 seasons of the new Battlestar Galactica series has been in marathon mode for tonight's premier of season 4 ( the series final season). I remember the original 1977 variation of the series and I was very curious to the Sci Fi version. At first, it was only a two part mini series. The popularity gave it a greenlight to start a full series. Naturally the producers had certain elements of their vision they wanted to implement to the series and a fanstorm erupted. The most controversial elements were the revision of the Starbuck and Boomer characters. In the long run, the fans accepted the revisions and welcomed this version of BSG.
One of the things that I personally was curious about was the size of Galactica. Numbers do not totally mean anything to me since I am more of a visual person. The following photo is of the newest aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan with two other support ships.
Next, I found a size comparison to demonstrate the size of Galactica. I embedded the USS Ronald Reagan as a better example for size comparison. WOW is all I can simply say.

Now that you have an idea of the relative size of Galactica, I am of the opinion (as with thousands of other fans) that what is now called the Adama Maneuver has to be the most buttkickingly badass scene ever in the entire history of science fiction. This is a fast review of seasons 1-3 done in an amusing manner.

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