Thursday, May 08, 2008

Last night while chatting with Merly, I had the Tv on as ambient background sound. The movie Gladiator was on; and as it was playing the final scenes before ending credits, a hauntingly beautiful singing voice was heard. I half heartedly focused to the voice and was momentarily moved to tears. As I regained my composure, Merly noticed my facial emotions and my gestures to indicate that I was crying. I thought I assured her that I was actually alright. I explained my expressions were result of how incredible and beautiful the singing voice captured my senses. I also explained to Merly I would find a YOUTUBE video for her so she could hear the singing voice.
At about 4AM my time/7PM Biliran time, I received a text message to call Merly. I did call her and Merly explained she was concerned she had done something to upset me. I again I assured her that my emotional expression was because of the ending credit soundtrack to Gladiator. She was feeling better after I explained it.
Today, I did find a YOUTUBE video of the hauntingly beautiful singing voice. The singer is Lisa Gerrard. Upon a little more searching, I was surprised to know that the language that Lisa is singing is a non language. She has the ability to make up words for her singing. It seems people struggle to identify the language by suggesting, ancient Latin, Gaelic, Celtic, Eastern European or some other old and obscure language. From what I have read, Lisa's style is what she called as "Talking To God" and she has been doing this style since childhood. I would suggest her style is a variation of speaking in tongues. What ever style it is, I do know it touches the very heart of a listener

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