Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Well here I am, day 7 of this month. April did not turn into the month of anticipated silly pranks. Nothing really spectacular happened mostly. A short recap:
=Got really sick for a week with high fever
=Having to deal with a seemingly corrupt credit collection agency
=Having to deal with Bob's father Robert.
In regards to the last two, I will not speak of them just yet. Perhaps later this year or when ever...

The 2nd of this month marked the 60 day marker for the fiancee visa petition to get Merly here. I am trying to determine the average time span from the NOA1 (Notice Of Action) to NOA2; essentially giving us the greenlight to the next phase of US Embassy interview and medical clearance at St Luke's Hospital. I am trusting and praying the petition is in order with nothing to cause the reviewer any reason to request for more evidence.

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