Thursday, August 14, 2008

At about 10 Am, Mom was taken into surgery. I called her this morning near 8:15 Am for any status updates and she said she was still waiting. I thought I had enough time to do a few tasks then go see her before she went in. By the time I arrived (11 Am) I discovered she was already taken. The nurse assigned to her indicated that she really did not have any idea how long it was to take; but, she expected Mom to be back in the room by 5Pm. I made the calls to everybody to update them of this news then I went to work.
At 1:30Pm, I received a call from the doctor to report that the operation was complete and successful at removing the scarring on Mom's intestine. (which was causing the problem of blockage). Again, I made the calls to report what the doctor had said to me.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

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