Wednesday, August 13, 2008

For about a week or two, my Mom has been feeling nauseated and overall miserable at times. Last Sunday, the nausea erupted to a vomiting episode early morning. As I was preparing to leave for Church, I asked about her and noticed she looked terrible. She wanted to go to the hospital. We got to Kaiser Vallejo approximately 10 AM. We were in the waiting room momentarily before she was called in. 30 Minutes later, I was allowed to go in to see her. She was given meds for both pain and nausea. The meds did work and she was mostly sedated from them. She slept most of the time as the nurses monitored her pressure and other such. Later in the afternoon, she was given a CT scan. The results were showing intestinal blockage. One of the doctors on her case came to speak to us and explain the findings of the CT scan. They wanted to do a drainage procedure of inserting a tube through her nose to the stomach and extract the contents that way.
From Sunday afternoon to this morning, that was the primary procedure. I got a call this morning from one of the doctors that the drainage procedure did not have the expected results. They were left with the need to have surgery on Mom and do the task in that manner. So sometime today, Mom is expected to go intor surgery.
Im not nervous or fearful.

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