Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mom is still at the hospital recovering from the surgery. I honestly do not know when she will be discharged. I am happy that she does sound to be improving when I call her.

The other morning I woke up to a revelation about her and started giggling: Mom is the author of the childrens book Never Alone. Its purpose is to be inspirational for children to know that God is always with them no matter what happens in their lives. The story is about an Eagle named Sam that witnesses a young boy injured in a bicycle-car accident. The Eagle observes the boy taken to the hospital; and even though the boy is getting all the needed treatment, Sam has great concerns for the boy. Sam rallies his bird friends so they may visit the boy and comfort him to know that he is not alone in this frightening situation. My point is that when Mom had to be admitted to the hospital, I then called, emailed Mom's situation to her friends. It is oberservable and factual that Mom is by herself in the hospital; but, she has not been alone. God, the angels, friends and family have been with her.

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