Wednesday, August 15, 2007

One of my favorite icons of the 80s is the Tv series Airwolf

I was always more impressed with helicopters than airplanes or cars or other seemingly male hobbies my friends acquired. I had learned to ID helicopters just from the sound of their rotor blades. I still remember to this day when a friend was telling me of a Tv show about a big, black helicopter that flew very fast skimming about the ground; but, he could not remember the name of the Tv show.
season1 opening credits

Pilot Episode movie version pt1
Pilot Episode movie version pt2


MirCat said...

Season 2 is out on DVD :)

You know, growing up I'm not sure which I liked better. The helicopter or the girl

- The Cat

allie001 said...

To hear Dom or String refer to Airwolf as 'The Lady' is one compromise I could easily accept!
And Caitlin is lovely to the eyes heheheheheh