Friday, August 17, 2007

This week's entries are from 'across the pond' from Monty Python's Flying Circus
Experiencing Deja Vu

Buying a Matress

Dirty Fork

Dead Parrot


MirCat said...

Monty Python rocks. For the most part anyway. It just gets me how many greats have been spawned by troups like this: Python, SCTV, KITH, The first two groups of Saturday Night Livers. Gone are the days of the groups of many funny people. Anymore it's maybe one or at most two people that are funny in any given group.

- The Cat

allie001 said...

You are so correct. I was never entirely interested of SNL. I like some of their early early stuff; Curtin, Belushi, Radner era. Most of everything after that was simply unwatchable. In Living Color had its moments also. I was a regular watcher of MadTV; but, simply fell from interest.

MirCat said...

How could I have forgotten In Living Color?!!? Yeah, Mad TV started out ok but ran out of steam.

- The Cat