Sunday, October 07, 2007

I am constantly hearing how liberals are supposed to be the compassionate, tolerant group and advocates of diversity. Yet the truth is liberals are the most bigoted, hostile, violent of the subcultures worldwide. The truth is they have no sense of moral direction as they give so called moral equivalence to everything. For them there is no right or wrong, no man or woman, no good or evil. They consciously choose to denigrate all forms of western religion and the embracing of eastern religions, bizarre cult practices especially islam. Liberals go to great efforts to disguise their embracing of all that is wrong as 'progressive'. This is a report of a liberal site that asked a question to its readers if they pray for President Bush. How most answered are the typical deranged liberal that totally despises President Bush. It seems the site deleted the posters prayed for the death of poth the President and Vice President.

As much as I despise bill clinton for his lack of respect for the office of the US Presidency and the total ignorance and anti semetism of jimmy carter along with his abysmal record as President, I have never prayed for their death as liberals seem to always do towards people and groups that are different from them in various ways.

I should not expect a dog not to bark so I should not expect a liberal to be honest, truthful and compassionate.

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